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How to Become a Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils

Congratulations on your decision to become a Young Living Distributor.  If there are still a few unanswered questions in your mind, please email us at or visit the Young Living Essential Oils website.  You can sign up to be a Distributor from our personal Young Living Independent Distributor site or through the Young Living website.  If you choose to sign up on the Young Living website, you’ll be asked for an “Enroller and Sponsor Number”.  The number for both is 1077693.

As a Independent Distributor, you will be able to buy Young Living products at wholesale pricing (a 24% discount off retail pricing), share Young Living products with others, and introduce others to Young Living and essential oils. The Oils Guru team will be available to help you grow a successful business and supply you with valuable information on products and training.

As a distributor, you will be required to order one of the “Start Living Kit Enrollment Kits.”  This kit must be ordered at the time you sign up.  If not, your account will be blocked until you contact Young Living.  Below you will find the starter kits.  A description of each kit can be found on our Independent Distributor website by selecting the Product tab or left click on any picture below..

Start Living Enrollment Kit

Start Living with Everyday Oils Enrollment Kit

Start Living with Thieves Enrollment Kit

Start Living with Natural Cleanse Enrollment Kit

All you will need to sign up is your credit card and paper and pen to write down your four digit pin, screen name, member number and password. Just click Sign Up Now and select the Sign Up Here tab.  Congratulations and Welcome!

Start Living with NingXia Red Enrollment Kit

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