Cold Sores and Fever Blisters

Here is a quick post for those of you that are interested in which oils to use on cold sores, fever blisters or canker sores.  My entire life I have gotten cold sores after extended exposure to the sun.  On a recent trip to Mexico, I started showing signs of a developing blister.  I immediately applied Thieves neat on the affected area.  I felt immediate relief.  I continued applying the Thieves three times a day for two days.  The blister immediately started to dry up after the first application..  On days three and four, I applied Purification to the area in the morning and before bed.   At the end of the fourth day there was almost no indication that I had experienced a cold sore.  There was no pain and minimal symptoms during this flare up.  I hope those of you that experience flare ups find this helpful.

Of course, an extremely large percentage of our physical ailments and symptoms are emotional based.  The probable cause of cold sores is festering angry words and fear of expressing them.  The perfect oil to use energetically just happens to be Purification.  Imagine that!  I’ll begin my self-discovery and release soon.  We learned an amazing Emotional Release with Essential Oils process at the recent CARE Seminar we attended.  More on that in a future blog.

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